5 Reasons to Live and Work in Aurora, Colorado

Want to live in the Rockies? Why not move to the Gateway of the Rockies? Right now, Aurora is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The economy is booming. As the economy continues to prosper in Aurora and Colorado, as a whole, the competition for homes will intensify. Additional information on [...]

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Student Loan Solutions For Refinancing and Purchasing a New Home in Colorado

Americans owe over $1.4 trillion in student loan debt, spread out among 44 million borrowers. With the lowest affordability levels in nine years, Colorado's red hot housing market is putting many of these potential home buyer out of reach to qualify for a new home......until April 25, 2017, when Fannie Mae made their announcement. Fannie [...]

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Loan Application Checklist For Your Denver Mortgage

Getting Approved For Your Denver Mortgage You want to buy your first home, an investment property, or maybe even complete some renovations that you’ve always dreamed of doing. If you don’t have the finances, you’re going to need to apply for a Denver Mortgage loan. As your Colorado mortgage broker, I help several families each [...]

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How high can this real estate market go? Did you hear what they are building in such and such neighborhood? My neighbor just sold his home for a huge profit. And on and on. These are very common questions I hear every single day, and as a Colorado Mortgage Broker it is integral to my career [...]

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Denver Market Update – February 2017

Denver Mortgage Broker – Brian Quigley A new year is in and so is another month in the Denver real estate market. Per a recent article from the Denver Post, the housing market in Metro Denver could see major changes in 2017. After the initial month of the new year, the rent for apartments is [...]

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3 Helpful Tips For Cash Out Refinancing During A CH 13 Bankruptcy In Colorado

Colorado Mortgage Broker - Brian Quigley The 2017 real estate market in Colorado looks very promising and poised to continue it's red hot run years into the future. Market correction has turned homes that were once upside down into equity appreciating assets that are now proving very valuable for homeowners in Colorado. The influx of [...]