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Hello I’m Brian Quigley. I appreciate how emotional and difficult bankruptcy is.  One of the most important aspects of a bankruptcy that must be considered is what your clients do with their assets, especially their house.

Unfortunately, costly mistakes are made when decisions regarding their assets are based on non-reaffirming the mortgage leaving it in a non-reporting status with thousands in accrued interest not effectively paying down their loan balance. As a lawyer you understand timing is critical.

Many factors must be decided during and after a chapter 13 and 7 bankruptcy. This is where my services can help your clients save thousands of dollars.

As a certified bankruptcy lending specialist, I am experienced in the legal and tax aspects of a bankruptcy as it relates to the lending side. I am not a lawyer or a CPA. I am a loan officer specializing in guiding people through unfortunate situations.  Because of this I can better serve bankruptcy clients, getting their mortgage reporting again to the credit reporting agencies and getting them the money back they need to settle any trustee debt if there is now equity in the home.

My value does not stop there, my real value lies in the fact in getting them the payment relief they deserve, in either a lower rate refinance, or a debt consolidation loan, that is fully reportable to the credit bureaus.

The programs I offer help them become fully informed of their financial standing today so they can plan for a stronger financial tomorrow. By using a bankruptcy lending professional you will separate yourself from your competition. My name is Brian Quigley and I would love to be that person for your practice.

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Hello, my name is Brian Quigley and I have been in the Denver mortgage industry since 2003. I have been fortunate enough to choose this very rewarding mortgage broker career and help thousands of borrowers over the years. Customer satisfaction is important to me most, and getting my clients to the closing table smoothly. Read More…

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Brian and his team were amazing! We had a very difficult and complex refinance and they worked there magic and got us to the finish line. I would highly recommend Brian for your lending needs. He's the best!

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Brian was very informative, answered our questions, kept us in the loop. Got back to us promptly when we contacted him each time. Much improved experience around communication than we received in the past with other lenders. We felt secure that he would not have let our mortgage request progress if he was not sure that we had a good chance at achieving the loan. His high level of experience with mortgages shows.

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Brian helped us to refinance mortgage with honest interest rate and supported all the way to start to closed. I gain to trust him and made so easy to process refinancing the mortgage. My husband and I are very excited for new low interest rate and looking forward to pay off the mortgage sooner. No more struggle!!! Big Five Star for the Brian! Thank you!
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