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Home Ready Mortgage Assists Millenials With High Debt To Purchase Homes

Benefits of a Home Ready Mortgage Home buying is at a 60 year low. The millennial market represents a huge market in purchasing power, however they are postponing home ownership due to student loan debt, travel experiences, and no money being able to be put aside. In an effort to create a new program that [...]

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Denver Real Estate Market Update

When it comes to purchasing or selling a home in Denver, it is a good idea to contact a Denver mortgage broker, like myself, who can provide guidance for such a busy real estate market. The cost of a home in Denver continues to rise significantly. In the Metropolitan Denver area the median value of [...]

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How To Earn Up To $2000 Tax Credit Annually For Buying A Home in 2013

The Mortgage Credit Certificate, aka MCC, is a certificate issued by certain state and local governments that allows a taxpayer to claim a tax credit for part of the mortgage interest paid during a given year. This program is offered in Colorado, and our company, The Mortgage Network, is proud to have this affiliation to [...]

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Dude Wheres My Refinance? HARP 3.0 Reality or Wishful Thinking

HARP 3.0 is what people in the industry are calling, is what Obama was referring to last night, in his State of The Union Speech. Every Responsible Homeowner who is able to make their mortgage payments, will be eligible for a refinance, regardless of what the home is worth. Qualify for a HARP Loan [...]

What IS a Harp 2.0 Loan?

In this day and age, loans can be an extremely confusing fact in life. One loan that has been coming under question recently is the Harp 2.0 loan. With many confused loan holders, there has been many questions regarding this loan and to how it works. What is the Harp 2.0 Loan exactly? The HARP, [...]

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