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6 Types of People Who Should Move to Golden, Colorado

March 31, 2018
Brian Quigley

Colorado is changing so much but tucked in among all the progress is the community of Golden.

Yes, you probably know it as the iconic home to Coors Brewing Company but there’s so much more that Golden has to offer.

It’s an outdoors enthusiast’s haven. Hiking and biking, skiing and snowboarding, and so much more, Golden can be your year-round adventure destination and your next home.

Golden is embracing the booming Colorado economy but it’s still bent on maintaining that historic Wild West feel -- just slightly more refined. And that historic charm extends beyond the downtown. The city has unique historic neighborhoods filled with homes only going up in value.

And if one of the historic homes available in Golden right now isn't to your liking, you can trust in the builders at G.J. Gardner Homes to help you design the home of your future here.

So, here are the 6 types of people who should be calling Golden home.

Hikers and Bikers

There are at least 20 hiking trails within a stone’s throw of downtown Golden, including some that start in town. You’ll need a good pair of boots to traverse the miles of hiking trails. And the trails range in level of difficulty, making it ideal for the beginner or more advanced hiker.

There are many more miles of biking trails throughout historic Golden. You can retrace the path taken more than a century ago by gold seekers, the Clear Creek Bike Path, or try to scale the challenging and famous climb to the top of Lookout Mountain.

These miles of trails make Golden one of the top biking destinations in all of Colorado.

Nature Lovers

Capture scenes that you can’t get in the big cities of Colorado. Golden is situated where the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains meet. You’d be hard-pressed to find more unique views that you’ll get here.

History Lovers

As the name indicates, Golden (what used to be known as Golden City) was integral in the western expansion of the United States. While mining and panning surrounded it, Golden City -- the capital of the Colorado Territory in the 1800s -- served as the hub for most of the economic activity.

A lot of that history -- and certainly the appreciation of it -- has been preserved in today’s Golden.

First, Golden’s historic downtown could serve as the model for all other small towns across America. Bustling with business, the buildings downtown continue to preserve the rich history of Golden.

Check out the 12th Street Historic District to see more great examples of historically preserved business and store buildings. And in neighborhoods throughout the city, the homes of Golden still reflect the history that’s so valued in Golden.

Beer Lovers

As the home of one of America’s most well-known brands, you’d assume Golden has a fond appreciation of beer. Yes, Coors is here but there are numerous other microbreweries and craft beer brewers that call Golden home.

Check out Barrels and Bottles Brewery, Cannonball Creek Brewing Company, Golden City Brewery, and more as they offer unique tastes for the connoisseurs.

Every year, the city hosts the Knock Your Boots Off Chili Cook Off and Beer Tasting to celebrate the community and its traditions.


Classic American fare mixed with some authentic Mexican restaurants make Golden a food-lover’s paradise without putting on airs.

Check out great spots like Cast Iron Tavern and the trendy Abejas for some highly recommended dinners. Bob’s Atomic Burgers, Table Mountain Grill and Cantina, and Woody’s Woodfired Pizza & Watering Hole also have locals and tourists, alike, giving rave reviews.

El Dorado Mexican Restaurant, La Casa del Sabor, and La Carreta, among others, reflect the diversifying population of Golden and Colorado, too.

People Who Work and Play

Golden’s economy is booming and the city currently has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States.

Outside of Coors, Golden is filled with other employers and small businesses. In fact, due in large part to its economic vibrancy -- and lots of jobs -- Golden’s “Main Street” has been recognized as one of the best in the country.

Golden offers those that live there not only a place to start and raise a family or start a business, but also to get away from all that bustle to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds it.

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