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Reverse Mortgage Process and Top Myths Explained

In this article we will discuss The process of Getting a Reverse Mortgage & Busting the Top Myths Associated with It. A reverse mortgage is a home equity loan that is offered to senior homeowners that are 62 years old or above. Rather than making monthly payments to the lender, the borrower receives mortgage [...]

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Why Reverse Mortgage is the Right Loan Option for Seniors

Many seniors find it difficult to manage their finances because of the absence of a running income. Buying a home at this stage seems to be extremely unlikely as gathering funds become a challenge. While there are many financing options available, all of them will require you to make regular mortgage payments, which is [...]

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3 TIPS TO ACCESS DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE FUNDS ON BUYING YOUR NEXT HOME In a higher interest rate environment, it is imperative that a resourceful Colorado Mortgage Broker have the products available to serve the market extensively for First Time Home Buyers. Increased rates lead to higher payments. A strong housing market leads to [...]

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3 TIPS to get your Self Employed Bank Statement Mortgage Loan Approved

In 2018 it is now more easier then ever to get a mortgage loan for your self employed business in Colorado. With as little as 2 months bank statements, you might be able to buy the home of your dreams. Yes 2 months bank statements. As long as we have a valid CPA letter [...]

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VA Construction and Renovation Loans

VA Construction Loans You can acquire a VA loan for building the home of your dreams, but keep in mind it is not a necessarily an easy path. You will have to overcome a few hassles and hurdles to fulfill your dream of building a home. Borrowers who are qualified to acquire VA loans [...]

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VA Jumbo Home Loans

A VA jumbo loan offers military buyers and veterans significant benefits, particularly compared to the standard jumbo loan landscape. However, first, let’s elaborate what “jumbo” is. Although VA loans operate under their specific rules regarding VA loan limits, which are county specific, a majority of lenders in the country still deem anything over $453,100 VA [...]

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Benefits of VA Home Loans

Veterans Affairs mortgages, also called VA home loans, make it simpler and easier for veterans to secure financing in order to purchase a home. In many cases, VA home loans do not require any down payment. Moreover, these loans are easily available to active military members and military veterans. The loans are available from [...]

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VA Cash-Out Refinance: Everything You Need to Know

The VA loan program has been available for over seven decades. The program offers affordable and convenient home ownership to veterans and active members of the US military. The program has been successful as, to date more than 22 million former and current members of our armed forces received a VA mortgage. Some of the main [...]

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Down Payment Assistance Programs in Colorado (2018)

It is likely that you look at a home and imagine how incredible it would be to buy it. Owning a home means you can do all the things and fully enjoy your home without permission from the landlord. Perhaps, the down payment is holding you back. Alternatively, you may assume that you need [...]

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How to Apply For a Mortgage after Bankruptcy

Purchasing your own home is empowering and exciting, to say the least. Gaining the freedom and independence to manage and own a property, just the way you prefer. Eventually, you will have a substantial asset to enjoy in your future. Naturally, this is something a lot of us really aspire to. That said, sometimes things do [...]

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