Appraisal-Free Mortgages


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Get the Loan, Skip the Appraisal

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Benefits of the Appraisal-Free Home Mortgage

  1. You will estimate saving $400-$700 on an appraisal with getting a Property Inspection Waiver, aka Appraisal Waiver
  2. No need to wait on overworked appraisers, who in some cases, can take up to a month or longer,  to get you a report, causing costly delays, and frustration with all parties involved
  3. Will apply to Purchase, Rate and Term Refinance, and Cash out Refinance
  4. Fannie Mae has implemented this program immediately and September 1st, Freddie Mac will implement
  5. Reduce close times by up to 10 days!
  6. Streamlines the process for borrowers and lenders
  7. Better Efficiency and Cost Savings

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Appraisal-Free Home Mortgage
Appraisal-Free Refinance

Close in as little as 15 DAYS!

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Brian Quigley has been serving clients in Colorado since 2003.

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Brian was absolutely great to work with. He was great to get back to us with anything or questions. Brian had the options to solve our refinancing issues. We highly recommend Brian and his team. Brian will be our first contact person for our real estate financing options.

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I worked with Brian on some real estate transactions to help my buyers/ clients. Brian is very professional and helpful. Brian can solve problems and get thru difficult situations. Brian can guide you thru the process. I highly recommend Brian to provide mortgage services.

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I am an attorney. I got caught in a problem with a Chapter 13 that only a professional, experienced mortgage broker could figure out. The man is just smart. (Not the"salesman" type I normally see with brokers). I watched, in solemn amazement, how Brian and his team got a loan for my clients, by figuring out a vary complex problem. Brian made it happen. He is my "go to" mortgage broker.

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I highly recommend Brian Quigley for his loan services. Brian and Marketplace Home Mortgage did an awesome job with our mortgage loan, seamless transactions, did exactly what they said in a timely manner!! It was a quick stress free transaction!! Thanks Brian!