HARP 2.0 Finally Starting To Take Shape and HELP Underwater HomeOwners

With the recent HARP changes in March, it looks as though the demand for this product has been extremely high, and that is no surprise at all. With markets like Flordia, Las Vegas and Arizona underwater by as much as 500%, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have finally come together to help these ailing homeowners who have been holding on for the last 5 years with no life raft until now.

The following are the major changes that have taken place since last month, and have truly opened up the flood gates for this failing government program, which originally came out in 2009. The reason I say failing, is that the percentage of homeowners it actually helped is miniscule, to what is actually doing now.

The government put a little band aid on a problem that needed open heart surgery. The following are the major changes that HARP has finally addressed.

Unlimited LTV

Property Inspection Waivers

Limited Documentation for Underwriting

Bankruptcy Seasoning Reduced – Manual Underwrite Only

All MI is transferable, all LPMI is transferable

Higher DTIs are accepted. As high as 60%

Second Homes, Investment Properties OK

If you are anyone you know has any questions on this program, please send me an email at loans@brianquigley.com

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